No musical experience or skills are required.

Game may be played by 1 to more than 100 people involved. Various difficulty levels make it suitable for both children and adults. Suitable for practicing at home with family and friends. 

  • Kindergartens, schools; Children’s educational, resource and daily centers;
  • Non-governmental Organizations – NGOs;
  • Individual and group therapeutic work;
  • Team building for corporate clients

  • 5 guiding maps
  • 35 rhythm cards (7 colours; 5 cards per colour)
  • 1 emotional card
  • 6 master cards
  • a pair of dices (2 pieces)

Ритъм карти

These are 35 cards comprising the 7 main colours of the rainbow. Each of these colours represents sounds and *onomatopoeia. Sounds and onomatopoeia are to be produced through/onto a certain part on your body.:

Ритъм карти ДЪГА

*Onomatopoeia comes from a compound Greek word for “the sound/name I make.” An onomatopoetic word is the sound that the thing being described makes. It mimics the sound that a thing makes.

Each single card has 12 identical rhythms. Rhythms are made of simple combinations of single and double strokes illustrated in a table as emoticon “smileys”. Vertically, on the very left side of the table, the numbers from 1 to 12 are shown, as they represent the 12 different rhythms. On the very top (horizontally), the 4 main beats of each single rhythm are shown. You may picture the second hand of a watch, rhythmically ticking away each passing second “tick, tack, tick, tack…”. Let’s replace “tick, tack, tick, tack” with the numbers “1, 2, 3, 4…” that we see along the horizontal line, as we soundlessly count them keeping the same rhythmical tempo. Next, let’s split the second into two equal parts and that be presented through the following “1 +, 2 +, 3 +, 4 +…” counting. To make it easier while counting aloud, we may replace (+) with and, i.e. “1 and, 2 and, 3 and, 4 and …”

Ритъм карти Дъга

When performing the rhythms, every single strokes or a sequence of doubles must fall into the adequate moment of timing and counting.

 Emotional Card

It is a card, which represents an emotional transformation from unhappiness to happiness through 5 emoticons. 

Емоционална карта Ритъм Карти ДЪГА

Through this practice, the therapist, the facilitator or the teacher may conduct a study on a single person, or on a group of people they work with. It is necessary for the trainers to determine the duration of the observation period or to plan the number of sessions beforehand, so that they could regularly keep a journal, hence closely monitor the process, then analyze in details all data obtained.

These are the 6 Challenge Cards! 

They are meant for individual practice sessions. For one to use them properly it is necessary to perfectly know the 12 rhythms, as well as the 7 onomatopoeia sounds and their respective rainbow colors. Each card, itself, is the challenge manifested through the complexity of the performance. The 12 rhythms remain the same through the entire time, but the number of sounds, words and colors increases steadily.

It is recommended that every single rhythm of the particular card be exercised in slow tempo, and separately. Try to keep up a steady tempo – don’t slow down, neither rush it.


Ритъм карти Дъга - Награда










Rainbow Rhythm Cards - English Edition

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