Rhythm is a factor which determines every single beat of our heart, every following intake of breath, every step we take, and every word we say. Our creation is based on rhythm, for rhythm accompanies man from the moment of conceiving till their last exhale.

Every single aspect of our biological, social and work life, as well as one’s personal life bears a particular rhythm, as it is almost certain that if one is not capable of synchronizing their pulsation with the patterns that shall grant us comfort, understanding, satisfaction, joy and happiness, we may certainly disorder the physiology of our being.

For over thousands of years rhythm has served to strengthen one’s mind, body and soul, and hold them together.

Nowadays, research results have validated the therapeutic effect of the ancient techniques of rhythm. Latest research observations have proven that simply doing rhythm aids man’s healing, it also boosts the immune system and creates a feeling of good physical condition. Moreover, it allows for emotional trauma release and grants self-re-integration.

Other scientists say that rhythm calms man, it helps one to concentrate better, as it also has some curing effect upon Alzheimer patients, children with Autism, emotionally not-balanced teenagers, drug or alcohol addicts on rehab, patients with trauma, prisoners, and homeless people.

Study results have shown that playing the drums is an invaluable supplemental therapy against negative stress, fatigue, anxiety, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, mental illnesses, migraines, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, paralysis, emotional disturbances, and a wide range of physical disabilities.

On the one hand, rhythm has been introduced to and used widely in corporate trainings and teambuilding events as a tool of motivating employees, as well as for company structure consolidation, whereas on the other hand it is being implemented to build soft skills, like:

  • stress management,
  • conflict solving,
  • time management,
  • leadership,
  • building support and trust,
  • inter-personal communication,
  • active listening and feedback,
  • integration, synchronicity and balance,
  • work & life balance

Last but not least, rhythm has a significant role in the educational process of children and adolescents, for rhythm also facilitates the physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual development of youngsters, as it plays a great role in their upbringing. Hereinafter, some of the benefits of doing the exercises and playing the games on “Rainbow” Rhythm Cards are stated, like:

  • increasing levels of concentration and attention-span length;
  • developing audible sense and head-eye coordination;
  • body awareness;
  • improving communication and interaction;
  • improving kinesthetic awareness, while perfecting gross and fine motor skills;
  • building higher self-esteem and greater confidence in oneself and others;
  • learning subjects, e.g. Math;
  • bettering non-verbal and verbal traits, as well as audio perception;
  • nurturing acceptance, tolerance of and respect for differences;
  • improving discipline; teaching exactness and order, and many more.

What is most important and typical for all Rhythm activities is that knowledge, habits and skills are made possible through many smiles, great laughter and moments of fun. It seems as if one is watching a magician with a balloon on a string in his right hand, whilst through his left, he is pulling a rabbit out of his inner pocket. Rhythm play as a form of entertainment allows not only for kids to partake in the game, but it also allows for all of us to be willingly involved in some serious learning. Rhythm not only makes us joyful on a conscious level, but yet through the skillful guidance of a teacher, a therapist, or a facilitator, it helps us to subconsciously absorb important and useful qualities.

Rainbow Rhythm Cards - English Edition

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