The rhythm factor determines every beat of our heart,
every breath, every step we take,
every word we say.

The rhythm is the foundation of our creation and
inseparable companion in our existence.

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Rhythm & Dance is fundamentally based on our natural striving for integrity and harmonizing the singular aspects of our entity – emotional, intellectual and physical.

The course provides the opportunity for acquaintance with various rhythms and models of movement and also a deeper experience of the already known ones.

The goal is to activate and to get to know the capacity of the body, to reconstruct and develop the inner contact with ourselves in order to enjoy the complete response to the reality, not only an intellectual one.

The rhythms and the dancing:

The musical rhythm and the dance are inseparably deep connected. The dance makes the rhythm visible. When we’re dancing, we get an access to our private resources of vital energy. It’s known that the energy spreads through waves, which have specific patterns and these patterns are contained in various rhythms. In that way – by discovering the abundance of rhythms we arouse different qualities of the energy inside us.

Rhythm and Dance Libera

That creates a deepness of the experience and makes accessible aspects of the self-perception, which are physically associated with the correspondent rhythm, but didn’t have been in focus in our range of vision.

The complete use of this energy impacts on our emotional, spiritual and intellectual presence. As more we discover and recognize the rhythm in our bodies as more we discover ourselves for the life.

Who can participate in the course:

Rhythm & Dance sessions are without any age restrictions and no preliminary musical or dance preparation are required for the participation.

What happens during the sessions:

  • Тhe participants work in two groups. One (drummers) creates a rhythm and the other (dancers) moves in unison with the sounds of the percussion ensemble.
  • People get to know different types of rhythm and models of movement.
  • People experiment with the movement.
  • Експериментира се с движението;
  • Participants create a spontaneous dance.
  • People observe and recognize the rhythms in their own movements and also in the movements of the others.

Impact and results:

Rhythm & Dance is an activity which will encounter you with the challenge to express yourselves through rhythm and dance as much physically as emotionally.

The course Rhythm & Dance enhances the concentration and sharpen the sensitivity; it enlarges our feeling of personal well-being and vitalizes our presence here and now.

The participation in simultaneous creation of rhythm and dance is a unique experience, which will bring you pleasure through the energy freely flowing in your body and satisfaction from the communication with the group.

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