The rhythm factor determines every beat of our heart,
every breath, every step we take,
every word we say.

The rhythm is the foundation of our creation and
inseparable companion in our existence.

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It is our great pleasure to work with the professionals from the Institute Libera! All rhythm training sessions conducted with more than 20 teams from our company remain unforgettable with positive emotion and energy! Thank you for the amazing experiences!

Denitsa Hristova, Deputy Head of Human Resources Development, E.ON Bulgaria

An unforgettable experience that has helped us to look at our team in a new way. After the session we were more close to each other and filled with a lot of energy and positive emotions.

Nadia Stefanova, Head of Personal development and training, Globul

Thank you Libera Institute for the unforgettable evening. So much emotion, so many smiles, so much rhythm and synchrony. We were all together, following the rhythm of the drums! Amazing experience for our employees! Thank you!

Tanya Peychinova, Human Resources Director, FairPlay International

Allow me to thank you on behalf of AG Capital, Forton International and April Risk Solutions for the unique experience and a sense of unity and solidarity created in the drum session during our Christmas party. This unique atmosphere of teamwork and team spirit we have achieved together, made our holiday even more memorable.

Milena Allen, Marketing Manager, AG Capital

I am fascinated by the session "Drum Circle", which we did together with "Libera Institute", within our company teambuilding. It was an amazing experience, not only collectively but also individually! For me, this is a great way to release some tension and unnecessary thoughts and it is a symbolic synchronization in every sense, with other members of the team!

Meglena Yugova, Human Resources Manager, Renault Nissan Bulgaria

An inspiring experience!

And how else to describe in words the feeling of spiritual "teleport" from everyday stress in the art world, the rhythm of the drums.

A team building in which my colleagues and I were not just participants but actors and artists who recreate with sound and rhythm, the emotion to together as one.

Biliana Mateva, Senior Vice President, E.ON Bulgaria

Libera, I want to thank you for the great pleasure and emotions created by the first in history (at least for us (-:) "drum bar session!" You have the unique ability to feel the energy of the audience and space. Amazing how Martin managed to make almost a hundred people playing in such unison, as if doing it together for years! A rhythmic and bonding experience that I strongly recommend it to anyone! (-:

Christina Haralampieva, Events Manager, VMware Bulgaria


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