The rhythm factor determines every beat of our heart,
every breath, every step we take,
every word we say.

The rhythm is the foundation of our creation and
inseparable companion in our existence.

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Колаборация от изкуства

functions as an unified program focusing on team work, communication and appreciation of diversity using improvisation, role-playing games and other art techniques.

No special skills, talent or prior artistic background are required. All necessary music instruments and materials will be provided by LIBERA Institute.


Музика Drum circle

The same skills and dynamics that produce a successful musical event also apply to the workplace. These include cooperation, active listening, flexibility, appreciation of diversity, peer support, and effective communication.

This module offers exercises associated with composing and arranging musical elements, which have been proven to increase a personal capacity for logical thinking and problem solving. Because music is a non-verbal form of communication, it allows people to share ideas and concepts that transcend the boundaries of language and culture.

Drum circle

Expected results: Shows the importance of cooperation between team members for completion of a common goal or product. Develops listening and communication skills. Develops and strengthens the teamwork skills. Reduces the effects of stress and anxiety associated with work.

Facilitator: Martin Ivanov

More information about the Drum circles HERE

Изобразително изкуство Art

This module represents a creative and visually oriented approach that emphasizes on the nonverbal and symbolic expression. The art activity provides a concrete expression of skills that are both conveyed on conscious and unconscious levels. It allows the realization of these qualities in situation different than the workplace, where the people have the opportunity to express them freely without being embarrassed. It leads to improved physical, mental and emotional state of people of different ages, based on the understanding that art leads individuals to develop skills for self-expression and self-control, developing a sense of belonging to a community, as well as intuition and perception to nature.

The participants have the opportunity to experience and express their emotions in a more unconventional way, through the chosen by them artistic practice (painting, collage, drawing, sculpture, etc.). They can also explore the verbal and symbolic significance of their images with the help of the instructor. One of the main goals is to create an innovative approach to their professional roles and to take alternative decisions.

Expected results: helps to unite the team and develop a sense of "part of the whole”, helps to understand ourselves and understand how others perceive us, relieve stress and tension in the workplace.

Facilitator: Elitsa Velikova

Танц Dance

The nature of dancing is interactive and it is based of two-way communication. Through the team-work and knowledge of when and how to lead and when and how to follow, we form interpersonal realization which is an essential factor for successful group dynamic in the workplace. There are opportunities for creative interaction and development of new social skills

The dance creates feelings of connection to the others, which is done in positive environment without stress and pressure. Dancing is one of the best ways to build sense of community and group affiliation.

The dancing module is conducted in a way that maximizes the understanding within the group about the significance and uniqueness of each team member. It shows how the personal creativity, spontaneity and communicative activity can affect everyone else.             

Expected results: Development of spontaneity, interaction with partners in the group, cooperation, teamwork.

The Dance module consists of (1) dance and movement exercises, selected according to the pace and (2) learning dance part - studying one particular dance, chosen by the team. Options: Modern, MTV dance, Hip Hop, Latin American, Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian folk or African tribal dance. The second part consists of step demonstration, verbal description, study and group practice. 

Театър Theatre

In order to be an actor, one has to develop a very strong ability to observe others, to analyze their behavior, thinking, body language and to recreate all that in his art. In life we constantly have to be actors, without actually being professional stage performers. That’s why, the qualities as observation, resourcefulness, flexibility, and skillful partnership are also vital for any social person. Good communication skills are an essential prerequisite for success of any professional and personal initiative.

This module puts a group of professionals in extreme-game situation. This is a situation of survival, through sensory alertness, artistic skills, creativity and resourcefulness. It is an effective method for achieving real results through entertainment. It helps to reduce and overcome stress at work and the conflicts in team relationships. It teaches of tact, understanding the others and diplomatical pursue of professional goals.

Games are based on contact improvisation technique that builds in each participant a sense of others and partnership relations.


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