Ритъмът е фактор,
който определя всеки удар на сърцето ни,
всяка следваща глътка въздух, всяка крачка,

която правим, всяка дума, която произнасяме.
Ритъмът е в основата на нашето сътворение и е
неделим спътник в съществуването ни.

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Martin Ivanov reveals the secrets of successful leadership.

Corporate Symphony of Success - Libera Institute

Martin Ivanov is a composer, conductor, researcher and rhythm coach. His new program “Corporate Symphony Of Success” is a powerful and brilliant leadership lesson that reveals the inner dynamics and processes of the Symphony Orchestra and its leader, the conductor.

Truly great leaders, whether they are coaches of sports teams, conductors of orchestras, or CEOs of large corporations, strive for perfect harmony and high performance, acting in the best interests of the organization.

Corporate Symphony Of Success” is a unique interactive program that charges with emotions, inspires with ideas and gives participants knowledge on how to integrate the magic of the symphony orchestra and its management into their corporate environment.

Martin Ivanov, Libera Institute

Within the “Corporate Symphony Of Success” you will have the opportunity to:

● learn the "Secret" that any successful leader consciously, or subconsciously knows;
● participate in a real time orchestra and create music under the guidance of a professional conductor;
● play, listen, watch, and at the same time take a lesson in leadership presence and behavior;
● be part of a fruitful discussion that helps transform your team into a meaningful, motivated and responsible community;
● understand the true role of the conductor (leader) in the orchestra, namely:

  • the maestro does not deal with micro-management, but encourages others to develop their own solutions. There is a huge difference between conducting and trying to play every single instrument in the orchestra;
  • The maestro helps people feel their responsibility and ownership of the whole work, not just of their personal parts;
  • The maestro directs the orchestra through listening. When performers feel true purity and sincerity in their colleagues, they are ready to share more of their talent. Otherwise, they behave defensively and lock in themselves their best ideas.

● learn and analyze case studies and techniques such as:

  • The Flock (The art of "flying" in sync with others);
  • The Magical Podium (The art of communicating with others);
  • The Tuning fork & Metronome (The art of tuning in with one another);
  • The Orchestra without conductor (The Art of Being a Leader).

“Corporate Symphony Of Success” program can be presented as a stand-alone training, or as a module integrated into the program of annual corporate conferences, management meetings, seminars, motivational meetings, and team building events.

For whom it is intended: The program is suitable for both managers and employees, as it helps to understand more clearly their specific roles in the “corporate orchestra” and to build better communication between them.

Duration: 45 minutes to 3 hours (depending on the specific case and type of event).

Number of participants: 20 to 500 +

For more information or prices, please contact us at: libera@libera-institute.com, GSM +359 887 18 17 17.


* Corporate Symphony Of Success program is inspired by Roger Nierenberg’s “The Music Paradigm” concept.

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