The rhythm factor determines every beat of our heart,
every breath, every step we take,
every word we say.

The rhythm is the foundation of our creation and
inseparable companion in our existence.

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Rhythm Alchemy


According to Socrates, humans have nothing more to learn because we already know everything we need to know. We have simply forgotten it. A true teacher is one who can help us to remember forgotten knowledge. The great Michelangelo perceived his unique creations in rough and uncultured stone blocks. He said that to see the finished sculpture, one only needs to eliminate the unnecessary particles and debris. Just like these stone blocks, we all possess hidden and forgotten wisdom. To live our true nature, we need to separate ourselves from our limited beliefs and understandings. This is the very essence of the book you have in your hands.

“Rhythm Alchemy” is full of insights from ancient times and from our deepest self. The book synthesizes the ancient knowledge of numbers, the heartbeat, the rhythm of breathing and our personal situation within the bigger, universal vibrations, as well as our interactions with people and nature around us. “Rhythm Alchemy” offers invaluable knowledge about ourselves and the unique harmony between the human being, his or her inner world, his or her rhythm and the surrounding reality.

Martin Ivanov’s book "Rhythm Alchemy" provides us with the spiritual and physical parameters of our cosmic score. It will guide us to our place in the composition and provide us with the ideas and knowledge we need to participate fully in both – how to compose our life and fulfill our innermost dreams.


"We may not realize how often we use musical terms like rhythm, melody and harmony to refer to things which happen to us in our daily lives: the rhythm of our heart, how our feelings soar in space, the melody of our personal inner voice trying to interweave with the harmony of other voices around us. We are constantly seeking and wanting to write the composition of our "happiness". When we compose this work, even though we tirelessly seek inspiration from outside us, our score often stays blank. This is because we do not pay sufficient attention to the true inspiration which lies within us. In order to reach this inspiration, we need to rebuild the bridges linking us to the roots of our true nature – rhythm. When we begin the intimate dance with the vibrations of our existence and begin to experience the real flavor of each wave which colors our emotions, then we will attain the creative power of the composer expressed in what we call “happiness”. 

Martin Ivanov

   Excerpt from the movie – The Great Mysteries “Vibration and  Sound”

Praise for Rhythm Alchemy:

“Martin Ivanov is an enigma. He is both a scientist and a musician with a knack for deciphering ancient esoteric knowledge and distilling them into a form that is both understandable and practical for the common man. His book Rhythm Alchemy is one of those few rare books that I have read and wished I had come across it sooner in my Life! Most of the questions I have tackling Thracian origins and the deeper wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus have been answered by Martin through precise attention to historical and archaeological data as they relate to our understanding of Mathematics, Sacred Geometry and the Rhythms of Life itself! If you have read my book The Meta Secret you MUST read this book!!! It takes you through the complexities of Ancient Secrets that Martin has so aptly deciphered and reveals to you the world around as you have never perceived it before. I highly recommend this book as one you need to keep on your Shelf of important life-changing tomes!”

— D r . M e l  G i l l , author of The Meta Secret and Anything is Possible


Meet the author

“Rhythm Alchemy is a wonderful, fascinating, inspiring and complex book. First Martin Ivanov gives us a survey of the ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge of harmonics, correspondences, rhythms and human development. Then he takes us into a practical workbook that uses the accompanying audio CD to support us in our own transformational and healing process. He concludes with heart-touching and practical examples of how this approach can be applied in a variety of settings from children with special needs through to senior management. Unique and enjoyable for anyone interested in the invisible dynamics of sound in both a personal and a cosmic context.”

— W i l l i a m  B l o o m , author of The Endorphin Effect and The Power of the New Spirituality 


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