Ритъмът е фактор,
който определя всеки удар на сърцето ни,
всяка следваща глътка въздух, всяка крачка,

която правим, всяка дума, която произнасяме.
Ритъмът е в основата на нашето сътворение и е
неделим спътник в съществуването ни.


РИТМОЛОГИЯ (02.11.2017.)

Напълно допустимо е много от нашите физически
и духовни проблеми да са свързани с това,
че по един или друг начин сме забравили за ритъма

Потопени в проблемите си и забързаното време,
много от нас живеят извън синхрон с ритъма
на природните и вселенски вибрации.

17388899_1453034344728147_7335068225085304309_o (1).jpg 787c3bda9d160d4040ef4c4c3923a3fb.jpg TEDx.jpg remo.jpg AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKpAAAAJGRiOWNmMWYzLTQ5YzAtNDk0OC1iYjBhLThmYWU2NTFiOTEyNw.jpg 10985573_1009642515716550_5404964020231790851_n.jpg поръчайте-днес-с-безплатна-доставка.jpg banner-b.jpg SLIDER-ЗА-САЙТА-НА-ЛИБЕРА.jpg DSC04122.jpg Усмихни се - зарадвай някой другУсмихни се - зарадвай някой друг 1.jpg Opit za slajd


 Institute of Contemporary Art and Therapy LIBERA have chosen the mission to fulfill the ideas of a free choice of every person into a positive perception of life as a supreme value, so everyone can become an active citizen of an evolving society.  

Libera Institute partners with large number of non-government organizations, associations, foundations, municipalities, ministries, organizers of festivals and other events.

By expressive and therapeutic language of rhythm and percussion instruments Libera Institute develops and participates in various projects related to:

  • Children deprived of parental care and children with special needs;
  • Autistic children and children with various disabilities;
  • Refugee kids;
  • At –risk adolescents;
  • People with cancer, heart problems, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases, multiple sclerosis, psychiatric problems and others;
  • Disabled and elderly;
  • Adults with Physical Disabilities;
  • Blind People;
  • Prisoners and detainees.

An example of the successful Libera Institute’s research is the video below. It reflects the organization's work on the project “Rhythm Therapy for Reducing Levels of Aggression and Depression in Children Deprived of Parental Care”. The positive results of the project are summarized in a revolutionary study related to the reduction of child and adolescent aggression and depression using the power of the rhythm..






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