The rhythm factor determines every beat of our heart,
every breath, every step we take,
every word we say.

The rhythm is the foundation of our creation and
inseparable companion in our existence.

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In this section you’ll have the opportunity to get acquainted with all programs that we offer to our private clients.

As you can assure yourself, they are directed toward the use of the rhythm and its collaborations with other arts.

Some of the programs are held 2-3 times per year, others – monthly, and some – if the necessary number of participants for a group is filled.

There are programs which are suitable only for adults or only for children and other programs are without any age restrictions.

To participate in the programs you don’t need to have any preliminary preparation or any musical, artistic and dancing skills.

The character of the offered courses and programs can be educative or therapeutic or they can serve just for fun.

All drums and percussion are provided by us, but if you wish, you can bring your own instrument.

The payment fees for the participation have to be made in advance by filling out the application form for the intended event. If such a form is not present, you can use the e-mail for contacts and questions regarding the specific program.


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