The rhythm factor determines every beat of our heart,
every breath, every step we take,
every word we say.

The rhythm is the foundation of our creation and
inseparable companion in our existence.

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Drum circle LIBERA is a powerful tool to unite people through rhythm.

Drum Circle is a group of people sited in a circle who play drums and other percussion instruments. Drums are the tools that lead the group to its final destination - a place where everyone has a voice and is empower to use it and where all people are equal.

The drum circle LIBERA is more than just the act of drumming – it is the shared experience of the participants.


Drum Circle LIBERA is a facilitated process. The Facilitator acts as a "conductor" who - by previously explained nonverbal signs - directs and synchronizes the rhythm and pace of the group in order to achieve an overall harmonious music.

The same skills and dynamics that produce a successful musical event also apply to the workplace. These include cooperation, active listening, flexibility, appreciation of diversity, peer support, and effective communication. Therefore the drum circle is widely used in training, team building and other corporate events.

No musical talent or skills required. Everybody is welcome!


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